Pre-flight Airline Retail

AirBorne is a pre-flight e-commerce solution designed to bring airline retail into the modern world of online and omni-channel shopping.

AirBorne is a customer focused turnkey e-commerce solution designed to make airline travel retail a more dynamic, more engaging, shopping experience for passengers – before they even fly.  It presents passengers targeted and customized travel retail offers for pre-purchase, from the moment they buy their ticket until before they fly, for delivery in-flight.

The benefits of AirBorne are literally too numerous to list here, but just to name a few:

  • It allows airlines to unlock and communicate the inherent benefits of airline shopping and to improve the appeal and performance of their travel retail offer.
  • It enables passengers to find out what’s on board beforehand and to make sure they get what they want, eliminating lost sales and disappointed passengers – who probably won’t try to buy again.
  • It allows dynamic merchandising, including up-selling, cross-selling, and virtual complementary adjacencies.
  • It allows the listing of high-end items which are impractical to load on a standard trolley.
  • It improves inventory management in the longer term, thereby reducing the fuel costs associated with flying around trolleys of unsold merchandise.
  • AirBorne can also be configured to pre-sell premium meals to further enhance ancillary revenues.

Can an airline implement such a program itself?  Theoretically, yes – but none have.  AirBorne could be implemented by any airline that has the internal resources or can afford external ones.  However, only a handful of airlines have implemented shopping sites which could be considered modern e-commerce sites, but none of them incorporate the features, personalization, or customer engagement that AirBorne delivers.

Over the past few years, airline travel retail has stagnated at around $3 billion, and now represents less than 9% of the booming $38 billion air travel retail market.  Airlines can transform retail into a much more significant contributor to ancillary revenues, but only if they adapt to consumers’ changing shopping habits which AirBorne can help them do.


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