Great news for brands as well

Shoppair’s e-commerce solutions present exciting advertising and promotion opportunities for brand owners.

AirBorne and AirBornePlus can significantly increase the value of the airline channel to brand owners by providing a consistent, high quality, brand presentation – particularly important for luxury brands.  Manufacturers would have direct control over the environment in which their brands appear.

All three shoppair platforms can make brand advertising far more effective by taking advantage of all the technological possibilities of the internet – it can be placed closer to the buying decision, tailored to the customer profile, and incorporate rich media such as video, audio, flash animation, or virtual reality.  For the first time, travel retail advertising could actually be measurable.

Furthermore, manufacturers would have the possibility of implementing real-time travel retail promotions on a coherent and broad scale, whether regionally or globally and across multiple carriers and airports simultaneously.

Similarly, manufacturers could implement regional or global launch programs on a completely tailor made basis.


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