How to Satisfy Today’s Connected Shopper

Today's Consumer Purchases are Driven by Online Shopping. The Travel Retail Industry is Far Behind High-Street Retailers on This Increasingly Important Dimension. But Now There Are Solutions...

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are aware of just how much today’s consumers are using the Internet to research, if not purchase directly online, almost everything they buy.

There is probably an even greater chance that you are a consumer just like everyone else.  You research what you’re going to buy, particularly with considered purchases, on at least three or four different websites before you finally make a purchase decision.

The airlines and airport retailers are not included in this purchase research process. The reason is very simple: the airlines and airport retailers have very limited online shopping they can offer to consumers.

Las Vegas has made famous the expression “you can’t win if you don’t play.”  Consumer retail is not a game of chance. It’s driven by distribution and customer engagement.  Without an e-commerce presence in today’s consumer marketplace, airlines and airport retailers are missing out on both of these key parameters.

Satisfying today’s shopping consumer as a retailer requires a compelling e-commerce offer.  But, e-commerce in and of itself is not a panacea for all the weaknesses that can be found in the travel retail channel.  In fact, introducing e-commerce will require the development and management of a whole new set of skills.

There will be a learning curve, there will be upfront costs (if you do it yourself), and there will be new operating procedures.

Consumers who shop multiple channels buy more than three times as much as single channel shoppers

In the language of high-street retailers, consumers who shop online and also shop in retail stores are known as omni-channel shoppers.  These shoppers are you and me. We know them intimately.  We live the way they live.  We shop the way they shop.  What you might not know, however, is that omni-channel shoppers tend to purchase a lot more then shoppers of a single channel.  Up to 3 1/2 times more if John Lewis’ experience is anything to go by.

Driving increased sales

What leads omni-channel shoppers to purchase up at 3 1/2 times more than shoppers of a single channel?  The answer is not as mysterious as you might imagine. Shoppers who spend time with your merchandise online, studying the various features, comparing one model against another on attributes as well as price, are already engaged. Very often they make up their minds about purchase before they have finished their browsing.  When they arrive at the store, they are already familiar with your products.  In some cases they have made up their mind about what they want to buy before they even get to it.  In other cases where perhaps their mind is not fully made up they will make a final decision on the spot.

And it doesn’t stop there

In addition to the tendency of omni-channel shoppers to spend significantly more than single channel shoppers, retailers like Galeries Lafayette also report that almost half of online shoppers who Click & Collect buy additional products when they get to the store to pick up their goods.

shoppair can help

shoppair provides turnkey e-commerce solutions to enable airports and airlines to enter the modern world of omni-channel shopping at a moderate cost and with the least possible disruption to their normal operating procedures.  Drop us a line to find out more.

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