Engaging the Traveller with the Airport Offer

shoppair’s TakeOff solution enables airports to connect with travellers before they reach the airport.

Airports have great merchandise and service offers but no advance information on passengers or contact with them.

TakeOff proposes to change all that by enabling airports to present their offers to passengers much earlier in the travel booking process by:

  • Helping airports to join forces with airlines to pool their strengths to drive airport retail.  TakeOff would add the airport retail and service offer to the airline ticket buying process – which passengers could pre-purchase just like hotels, car rentals, or travel insurance.  Airlines would receive a commission from airports for online sales sourced through or from their sites, which would represent an entirely new ancillary revenue stream. Shoppair.com would manage the very complex relationships inherent in the concept. In an ideal world, this would mean all airports by all airlines – but perhaps that’s a bit overly optimistic.
  • Taking advantage of shoppair’s proprietary digital customer engagement strategy and targeting techniques which can directly reach millions of passengers prior to travelling.

Either way, TakeOff would present passengers with targeted offers and enable them to browse, research, and purchase airport merchandise and services any time from ticket purchase until they fly, and for either end of their journey – all on a Click & Collect basis.

Airports would benefit not just from the pre-flight sales made by TakeOff, but also from the increased in-store traffic and sales generated by the omni-channel offer, on which no shoppair fees would be due.  The experience of high street retailers like Galeries Lafayette indicates that over half their customers who Click & Collect buy additional merchandise when they come to the store to collect their purchases (Europe 500, Internet Retail, 2013 Edition).


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