What are the costs of getting into e-commerce?

Everybody wants to do it, but how much does it cost to get it right?

If you’re starting from scratch, the costs of developing, establishing, and running a high quality e-commerce operation can be pretty substantial. Depending on the quality of your platform, your design process, the media versions,  (pc, laptop, tablet and mobile), your language versions, your payment processing, your order fulfilment operation, live customer service, system integration as well as the management necessary to set up and run it all, you’re easily looking at EUR750,000 to EUR 1 million for the first year alone. You might be able to do it for less, but you’re not really going to want to skimp on quality and risk having your system operate poorly or, worse yet, crash every time you experience a heavy traffic load.

shoppair offers you the opportunity to engage your customers, offering the highest level of e-commerce shopping and fulfillment standards at virtually no investment, nor any risk to you. That’s our offer.  Why not contact us to learn more about how this opportunity can benefit your business?






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