Duty Free Alcohol

Duty Free Alcohol


You may be surprised to see the section on wine before that on spirits, but you’ll see why a bit later on.

For me, wine is probably the most difficult Duty Free category, whether to research in advance or to evaluate in store.  The vintage year is often not shown online.  The display conditions can be far from ideal – bright lights, heat, upright bottles.  Plus, Duty Free prices vary widely – from attractive to vastly overpriced – depending on your frame of reference.

If you ever needed a good online price comparison website/app, it’d be for wine – and I‘ve found one.  It’s called Wine Searcher.  It’s global, accurate, and up-to-date – a “must have” for any wine lover.

Duty Free Alcohol Wine Searcher Link

If you’re interested in more detail on wine buying, have a look at the post: Getting a Good Duty Free Deal on Wine Isn’t Easy that I’ve put up in the What’s Happening section.


Varying bottle sizes complicate comparisons.  Domestic is usually 0.7 liters while Duty Free is 1 liter, so bear that in mind when you compare prices.

You can usually find prices online.  So like fragrances, it’s relatively easy to research prices in advance.

The benchmark brand is Johnnie Walker Red, and this chart shows a Duty Free vs. Domestic comparison:

Duty Free Alcohol Johnnie Walker Red Airport Price Ranking 

Generally speaking, Duty Free is a good deal when you leave home, except in the Czech Republic and Germany.  Similarly, the Duty Free prices at all the airports are lower than all the Domestic ones, except for the Domestic prices in the Czech Republic and Germany.

By the way, the Wine Searcher site I mentioned also works for spirits and is why I’ve shown wine first.

You can buy spirits on arrival where Duty Free arrival sales are permitted.  You might also be offered Tax Paid goods on your arrival or for home delivery. But shipping charges could wipe out any potential savings.

Airlines carry a very small range of spirits, and more often than not, they don’t carry Johnnie Walker. So you’ll have to research by individual brand.


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