The Tax Free Offer

Specialist & Designer/Luxury Products

The Tax Free offer in air travel is a pretty eclectic proposition.  It includes specialist categories like electronics, cameras, leather goods, fashion jewellery and watches, clothing, sunglasses, accessories, etc.  In addition, there are designer and luxury items like expensive jewellery and watches, handbags, designer clothing, accessories etc.  Contrary to the name, though, these products are not always sold free of tax.  I’ll explain this in the next section.


What Can You Find Online?

Although these products represent a significant chunk of the Duty and Tax Free business, you don’t see much of them online, particularly at the high end, so it’s pretty difficult to check prices in advance.


London Heathrow has by far the best and widest Tax Free online presentation.  It includes the retail offers of 27 boutiques, including some very high end stores.  Moreover, there’s a telephone  “reserve and collect” pre-order option which lets you check availability and prices in advance.

Other than that, the possibilities are pretty sparse.  This is what you’ll find online:


Retailer Websites

There are also a few Duty Free retailers who present some specialist merchandise online in addition to the standard Duty Free offer:


Plus there’s Dixon’s Travel which sells electronics and cameras.


That’s about it for airports.  So your research possibilities are pretty limited.  If you find any other online airport offers, let me know.

Airlines Websites

Regarding airlines, those with an online retail presence generally show their entire assortment (see the Find Duty Free Online section.)  So you can research in advance or while you’re on board.

For more on this subject, have a look at the next section, the Free-Standing Boutiques.